Safeguard Your Bank Account and SIM Card

Hackers are busy working day and night to hack into people’s financial accounts. Many have fallen victim to these unscrupulous elements in our society. Their principal targets include those with sensitive data such as lawyers, public figures and businessmen. One of the points access is the SIM card. This is because almost everything about you and I are linked to our phone numbers. This includes bank accounts, social media profiles, etc. It is, therefore, our responsibility to take this proactive approach to ensure a level of security. Just like most of us do set security locks on our smartphones, we should do the same to our SIMs.

Why Do I Worry About My SIM Security?

Your phone number is one of the strategic security measures set up by your bank to protect your account from unauthorized access. For instance, to transfer money to another bank account online, an OTP would first be sent to your registered phone number. Once you enter this OTP, the transfer will be authorised. This is why you need to take this action.

SIM inserted into any mobile phone can be used to purchase airtime, transfer money to other accounts and so on by using the bank-specific USSD codes.

USSD Codes of Few Nigeria Banks

Your SIM card could expose you to unsuspecting financial scams if appropriate precautionary or security measures are not taken. You may be defrauded by losing all the money in your bank account and this will be all your fault. Your service provider has provided some levels of security measure on your SIM card to protect your personal information. If you do not know or use them, your security is under attack. In the same vein, your bank is taking all measures within their power to safeguard your account and prevent an unauthorized transaction. You have the responsibility to employ available security measures to your advantage.

What Do I Need to Do to Protect My SIM?

You should activate a SIM PIN! Setting up a SIM PIN is a very proactive way of keeping your SIM and its information safe from intruders. Use a unique four-digit PIN. Try as much as possible not to make it guessable. If you are still one of those who use their year of birth as ATM or SIM PIN, you are joking with a big risk. If this is true of you, you are advised to change your PIN as soon as possible.

How Does SIM PIN Work?


Once a SIM PIN security is active, you won’t be able to use the SIM whenever you restart your phone or if the SIM is placed in another phone, except you enter the PIN. This keeps off intruders from the SIM information. USSD codes cannot be dialled as there will be no network on it.

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