You Won’t Need Medicine Eating Healthy Foods

Why Food?

A healthy diet has a lot of positive impacts on our health and vitality. We should, therefore, be mindful of what we eat. The functions of food include building and repairs of the body cells and tissues, nurturing the organs to maintain a well functioning body system. The body only recognizes nutrients and water. We should, therefore, be mindful of the constituents contained in each food we eat. 

Most processed foods contain chemical additives such as clouding agents, colourants, preservatives etc. Some of these chemicals may have the potential of harming the body system including the formation of cancer cells. The body system will try to fight against and eliminate these substances. Vital organs, such as the liver, will be doing more work, especially if this happens continually. This process can also lead to carcinogenic reaction (or formation of cancer cells). No one wants this to happen. We must then eat right.

Healthy Diet is What You Need

Shreds of scientific evidence have proven that diets comprising much of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other fresh foodstuffs promote health, vitality and long life. People who consume a diet rich in vegetables and fruits have lower risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. This diet also prevents some types of cancer, lower risk of digestive and eye problems. Fresh fruits and vegetables also boost immunity which helps the body to fight against diseases and infections.

When you marry good nutrition and good hygiene together, the result will be sound health. Good health is a function of longevity. Naturally speaking, a person who eats right and lives a healthy lifestyle will live long.

Make a commitment to start a journey of healthy living today. Start taking responsibility for everything you eat. Eat well! Eat right!

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