Is Your WhatsApp Account Not Secure? Do This Now!

Hackers are now working more tirelessly ever than before to break into computers, computer networks, and WhatsApp accounts of others. They try to hack your number to perform their fraudulent activities. Numerous accounts have been hacked and the number is growing by the day. You probably know of someone whose WhatsApp account has been hacked. Do not become the next victim!

How Is WhatsApp Account Hacked?

A number of ways have been reported and more other methods are being used almost on a daily basis. Just be vigilant and sensitive. For example, a common method is illustrated below:

A strange number might call you and mention a group on WhatsApp where you serve as the member. The fellow will tell you that there is going to be a meeting on the platform soonest and you will be given a code to participate in the meeting or discussion. You will later receive a code on your line. As soon as you entered the code, your WhatsApp number has been hacked.

The victim’s number on WhatsApp platforms would have been removed and replaced with that of the fraudster.

As soon as this happens, the fraudster now represents the victim in all the WhatsApp groups he/she belongs. However, the WhatsApp account is still carrying your name and your picture will still be appearing in all platform. Nothing really has changed but your number and the fact that you don’t have access. The hacker would be sending fraudulent messages in your name and picture. These evil people exploit people on your list and they might fall for their tricks based on your integrity and reputation without confirming from you with a call.

Please share any other method(s) being used to hack WhatsApp account in the comment section below. You might be saving someone from this ordeal.

Let’s save as many people as possible from the hackers, share this with as many people as possible.

Do This Now to Secure Your WhatsApp

Set up two-step verification by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your WhatsApp
  2. Click on Account
  3. Click on Two-step verification,
  4. Enter a unique 6-digits PIN (please don’t make if guessable; NEVER use your birthday as a PIN)
  5. Enter the PIN again to confirm
  6. Input your email address
  7. Input your email address again to confirm
  8. And save, that’s all.


You will be required to enter this PIN from time to time as a security check, especially when reinstalling WhatsApp, after a system reboot, etc.

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