Cheapest Data Plan on 9Mobile – N200 for 1GB

9mobile is one of the best network providers in Nigeria. 9mobile SIM cards are 4G ready and their data speed is excellently fast. The only issue most people have with this network is the high data cost. For instance, you need to pay N2000 to subscribe for 2.5GB of data or N3000 to get 4GB data. This is relatively expensive.

Today, I will be showing you how to get 1GB 9mobile data for only N200. Yes, N200! You are seeing well. The data plan offer has always been available for a while now. It started in 2017, during the Ramadan period. Since then, many people have been rocking this generous data offer. It is never too late to join now. 

To access the data offer, simply dial *929*10#
Some facts about this offer are listed below
Dial *929*10# to subscribe The subscription is for three days. No rollover of unused data but data accumulation is allowed. Check data balance by dialling the regular code *228#. In case you experience inevitability issue, dial the code during the weekend (between Friday and Sunday). All SIMs are eligible during this period.

Kindly share your experience in the comment section below. Also, feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to assist you.

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